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Stand installation design

Title: “Mobile-leaf”
Client: Vodafone
Years: 2022
Location: Mobile World Congress
Team: Cari Martínez Herrera – Alessia Capitani
Photo: Cara Schanuel
Video: Acid Waffle Media

Technology and nature come together in a large “mobile-leaf” designed for the Vodafone stand at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022.
For this technological installation we have been inspired by mother nature, with the aim of transforming our smartphones into art to represent the idea of ​​a more sustainable ecosystem.
The 200 mobiles that make up this sculpture have an exact position so that, by placing yourself at the right point, you can discover the drawing of a leaf.
Digitization is presented at the Vodafone stand as the key to promoting sustainability and reducing our footprint.

Aligned with the project, the stand is one of the most sustainable at the fair, both for the recycled materials used and for the second life that was given to each element.
For example, the plants of the vertical garden, which regenerated the air during the event, were given away to carry out a gardening workshop and the mobiles of our sculpture were donated to the Spanish Red Cross, demonstrating its commitment to the environment.