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RABAT Spring 2020

Windows display design

Title:“The hidden ballet of Nature”
Client: RABAT
Years: 2020
Location: Madrid boutique
Paintings: Sophia Pega
Flowers: Flowers by Bornay
Production: Instore
Team: Iris Brucculeri – Raquel Molina – Loly Ghirardi
Photo & Video: Frederic Ramírez – Lucas Amillano

“The hidden ballet of Nature”
Is an installation designed as a kind of visual poetry dedicated to the ephemerality of nature.
I imagined walking at dawn, in a Mediterranean garden that has just woken up. Everything is calm and you can feel its elegant peace. The insects, which are like jewels in the garden, fly around doing their work. Nature wakes up so slowly and at the same time it’s surprising how suddenly everything flourishes. It is an explosion of flowers and perfumes.
We can experience the sensations of exclusivity, timeless beauty and sophisticated elegance.
The inspiration comes from different sources such as the Catalan modernism movement, like Casa Vicens or the paintings by Santiago Rusiñol; the Italian liberty style, like the Galimberti house in Milan and of the secession of Vienna, and the pavilion designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich, as well as the illustrations by Kolo- man Moser.
Everything is hand painted, leaf by leaf. The elements seem to come from a painting, the brushstrokes come to life.
To create the insects, I wanted to mix high-tech processes, using 3D printing and numerical control machines, with artisanal processes and hand painting. Reproducing the same way that Rabat creates their jewelry.