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Materials: leather, terracotta, pine wood
Commissioned by: L&B Gallery
Exhibition: DUP | Design Unique Piece
Curator: Guendalina Perelli
Photo: Miao Ting – Leire Villar
Years: 2019


The daybed “Soñando Tamalpais”, it is a tribute to Etel Adnan and is inspired by the mountain of the same name from California. Etel Andan has also painted this mountain several times. The painter in an interview says: “[The Mount Tamalpais] was my point of reference, an element that guided me, not only physically but emotionally as well”. In the same way this daybed wants to generate a sculptural landscape in the most intimate space of the house. An irregular presence that creates a tension between abstraction and recognizable objects.

Surrealism is the key to understanding the conceptual and formal development of this daybed and its oblique position in space. Similar to the painting “Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate a second before awakening” where Dalí, following the theories of Freud, wanted to represent the fact that, sometimes in our dreams we unconsciously derive stimuli from external events that end up being integrated into our dreams. Likewise this daybed creates a place that serves as a threshold of transition between dreams and the real world.

Textile piece “Paisajes bordados” by Señorita Lylo
Bedside tables “ILT” by Julen Ussia Guillén
Sculpture “Mimi” by Irene Cases
Background wallpaper “Iridato” by Luca Hugo Brucculeri for Coordonné       SHOP ONLINE