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LoVisual 2018
Title: “Sensitive Blue”
Design Festival: LoVisual
Store: Summertime by Bianca
Location: Logroño, La Rioja – Spain
Years: 2018
Material: biodegradable vinyl, painting, methacrylate waste.
Production: digital/craft
Photo: Rafael Lafuente – Óscar Robres Medel
Team: Raquel Molina Carazo

A tribute to the great bodies of salt water that cover most of our planet. The seas, and their incessant movements, its waves, its deep and dark waters, its salt and its scenarios. At that infinite horizon that, as Borges said, “Who looks on it sees it for the first time, always.”
This installation is a tangible visual poem about the sea and dedicated to the sea. At the same time, it a communication device to become aware of and act on of the problems that most threaten our seas: the pollution of plastics. A huge danger for its ecosystem that we can no longer ignore.
I believe that to celebrate its powerful beauty is the best way to protect it.
 I come from an island and for this reason I can’t forget and not to defend “… the solitary waves of the South, that formed me.” of which Pablo Neruda spoke in his “I recall the sea” .