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Title:“Kori and Winter flight”
Years: 2020/2021
Location: Madrid New Seiko boutique
Master glassmaker: Ferran Collado
Team: Andrea di Zio – Julia Gehrig
Carolina Vinueza – Maria Belchi
Text: Martina Ferlisi
Photo & Video: Lucas Amillano

Special thanks: Fedrigoni papers

If there is a season to pause and reflect, to collect one’s thoughts in the silence of unhurried time. It would be winter with its solemn beauty, as the earth beneath us sleeps a blanket of fresh snow covers it, shining with the soft rays of a distant sun. It’s this atmosphere that provides the backdrop for some of the most beautiful legends in Japanese folklore. This is what we wanted to capture for the showcase at Grand Seiko Madrid.

The red-crowned crane can be found in northern Japan in the province of Hokkaido. The silhouette of the bird appears in the whiteness of the snow like deep ink strokes on a white paper. It has long legs and a wide wing span, instead of taking flight in search of warmer weather it accepts winter and what the land has to offer. The longest-lived birds on earth with a lifespan of up to 40 years, although Japanese myths say they can reach 1000 years. The red-crowned crane is a symbol of strength, loyalty and honor.

Our paper crane made exclusively for Grand Seiko boutique in Madrid, is called Kori meaning ice in Japanese. Each feather of the crane has been hand cut on Fedrigoni paper. The background made of linen fabrics has snow painted on them embedded with tiny Swarovski crystals that emit sudden flashes of light mimicking how snowflakes sparkle.

Our bird is about to take flight…
Stop and see, it might bring you luck.