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Ephemeral scenography
Event: Night of the European Museums
Client: Institute of  Theater – Center for Documentation and Museum of the Performing Arts (MAE)
Team: Xavi Grados
Years: 2018
Material: foam board
Project: “Dones, a escena!” (Women, on the scene!)
Historical dresses of: Mary Santpere – Soprano Victòria dels Àngels – Lydia Azzopardi – Actress Margarita Xirgu – Lola Membrives – Anna Lizaràn – Rosa Novell – Dancer Tórtola Valéncia – Aurora Pons – Antonia Mercé.

Installation “Women, on the scene!”, Which presents a selection of ten dresses from the clothing collection of the MAE (Center for Documentation and Museum of Performing Arts) of women artists. The scenographic installation it’s the star work of the night and at the same time a backdrop, as students from the center will talk with pieces of the museum from micro-choreographies that will happen at different times of the night, with the musical atmosphere of Group of Instrumentalists at the Institute of  Theater.