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scenography design for musical actions in stores

Title:“Music module”
Years: 2019
Location: Movistar stores Iberian area
Material: cellular polycarbonate, brass hinge, led, pvc
Agency: Snoop
Team: Humbert Clotet, Clara Faura
Photo: Lucas Amillano

“The sound is essentially abstract…”

These words of Kandinsky were the starting point of the execution of the Movistar 2019 scenographic design. Something intangible like music can only be represented by the abstract. Through the visual representation of music (sheet music) we have reached a formal proposal that generates and arouses sensations in the a
concert audience in both stores and in Cultural Centers. An abstract configuration with colors and textures accompanies the performance of the musicians.
The system is easy to assemble and disassemble, 2 people in 5 minutes. Light to carry. Stored takes up 5cm of space.