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Tangible Poetry
Title:“¡¿Me quieres?!”
Client: Il Giardinetto
Years: 2018
Season: Spring 2018
Material: fedrigoni paper Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell – brass
Production: hand made paper cutting
Photo: Pablo David Mejia

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The most important moment in a “Giardinetto” without doubt is spring, when all nature is awakened with colours and fragrances.

How many times, in the spring of our youth moved by overwhelming feelings of a first love have we relied on daisies to ask the most innocent question: “He loves me?… He loves me not?” as we separate the white petals from the daisy one by one, to know if we are indeed reciprocated or not.

The installation of this display counter, deliberately inaugurated on March 21, is a tribute to spring which also coincides with World Poetry Day. This ephemeral composition is conceived like a poem, only instead of using words, rhymes and verses we use color, shape and light.

This tangible poem tries to evoke emotions, memories and sensations with the falling movement of the petals. The idea to conceive this aesthetic composition came from deep investigation into the rules of nature where the entire plant universe, as well as the animal, follows a mathematical series called the fibonacci sequence. It’s an infinite sequence of natural numbers that begin with 0 and 1 and from these each number adds the previous two to infinity.

0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34… This is how you can draw the “Fibonacci Spiral” that approaches the golden spiral which is drawn inside the golden rectangle.

This simple operation can be observed and measured in a myriad of biological configurations: in the branches of the trees, in the arrangement of both the leaves and petals of the flowers, in the proportion that make up our arms, hands and fingers or in the galactic spirals, to cite a few examples.

The daisy, the star of this windows display, has a fibonacci number of petals 21 and a pollen arrangement that has a very interesting geometric arrangement since with the naked eye you can see the Fibonacci spiral and its strange combination of complexity, simplicity and of course, beauty.
The result of plucking the daisy on this first day of spring, we leave it to you.
“He loves me?” “He loves me not?”