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“Le surréalisme que danse, le surrealisme que rêve”

Windows display design

Client: Hermès Spain
Season: Summer 2015
Theme of the year: “Flâneur Forever”
Location: Barcelona – Madrid – Valencia – Marbella
Material: 3D print, methacrylate, manual painting, digital print, metal
Production: digital fabrication, craft
Project: Instore
Sculpture: Le Creative

As if it were a surreal setting, the windows of Hermès Spain summer 2015 “Le surréalisme que danse, le surréalisme que rêve” have brought the air of the streets of Paris to us. A sweet and romantic Parisian wind has the objects moving in a great dance with their rhythm and time.

With a creative musical and dreamy gaze, the elements are inspired and become shadows that “dance” and shadows that “dream.”

Everyday objects in the streets of Paris such as: columns, benches, lampposts and violins touched by Hermès objects and garments come to life and are transformed, like the Chinese shadow play, into another that shows dancing dancers, kisses of lovers, beating hearts sweet. musical notes, as in a real surreal scene, everything changes meaning in an unexpected ironic way. Paying tribute to the great Magritte.

In love couples meet, as they kiss their scarf sways, their hat blown away by a light wind, shoes begin to tap dance, their bows come to life. This February 14 on Valentine’s Day… you may dream, you may fly, you may love.