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Title:“Le labó de curiosités”
Client: Hermès Spain
Season: Spring 2016
Theme of the year: “Nature at Full Gallop”
Location: Barcelona – Madrid – Valencia – Marbella
Role: production & technical development designer
Project: Instore
Artist: Marcel Van Doorn

The elegant, airy and transparent forms of seaweed of the northern seas move in ancient forgotten dusty jars neatly displayed in the “Cabinet of Curiosities.”

Large oxidized copper structures support, observe and analyze precious objects through large magnifying glasses. Precious items are extracted with meticulous care from the glass jars and exposed to the public. The Carré from Hermés are precious prints of distant lands, rare vegetation preserved inside glass plates that are supported by fine golden cables. An art exhibition with a clinical and scientific touch accompanies the spring universe in the windows of the French maison in Spain.