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Autumn 2018 Windows display design
Title: “Hallucinogenic Autumn”
Client: DM optics
Years: 2018
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Season: autumn 2018
Material: velvet fabric, painting, polystyrene, foam
Production: craft
Photo: Andreu Font
Communication: In and Out Barcelona

Team: Catalina Giordano & Irina Teitelbaum

They say that there are no longer the in between seasons but more or less autumn came once again this year on time. Every time it’s the same story: autumn brings with it its pungent wind that sweeps through the leaves giving way to winter … but how this part of the story continues, you already know .

Even the snails that lived in the woods knew that story by heart and, bored, carried on with their lives more slowly than usual. One day, however, something magical happened , extra- vagant glasses turned into leaves. The snails did not know where they came from or what they were for, but with a small act of courage and madness they decided to wear them. Suddenly they found themselves immersed in a new forest, as if they had entered the works of Yayoi Kusama.

Finally autumn was different, an autumn full of mushrooms in fun, bright colors!! “Are they maybe hallucinogenic mushrooms?” , the snails were wondering.
An invasion of colored polka dots even infected the snail’s houses, who, with a new look, rediscovered their curiosity and their desire for adventures.
Was it the autumn that changed or the snails had started to look at it with other eyes, or rather, glasses !!?
Sometimes it takes a small act of courage to start seeing the world from another perspective.