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Since ancient times, there has been a custom in Japan to see the first sunrise of the year. According to legend, people who make a wish while looking at the sunrise will receive the blessing of the god of the new year, Toshigami, and see their dream come true. For this reason, many people go to places like Mount Fuji, to observe that first sunrise. The camellia is another of the symbols of winter in Japan. At this time of year, the flower does not lose its petals but falls completely forming a blanket of flowers on the ground. For this reason, its meaning is to be reborn, synchronized with time, they die and are reborn with the arrival of the new year.

In the garden white blooms the camellia

Ueshima Onitsura

Inspired by this haiku, we have imagined a Japanese house in whose garden a very peculiar species of camellias is blooming that, as if sprinkled with red, add a touch of color to the winter landscape. Through this showcase, we want to invite you to look at the sunrise that hides behind Mount Fuji and make your wishes for the new year.