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GRAND SEIKO Autumn window

“The butterflies of Ginkgo Biloba”

Windows display design

Title:“the butterflies of Ginkgo Biloba”
Years: 2021
Location: Madrid Seiko boutique
Team: Cari Martínez Herrera – Alessia Capitani
Photo & Video: Lucas Amillano

Special thanks: Fedrigoni papers

An ancient legend tells that one day the trees defied the wind, assuring that they were so strong that not even the most terrible storm could tear off their leaves. So the angry wind unleashed a hurricane. He blew with such force that he tore the leaves of the most proud, but also dragged other animals and plants.
A tree with thin leaves, saw a cloud of endangered butterflies and decided to go and protect them by hugging them with its branches, thus losing all its leaves.

The wind thought that leaving the trees without leaves forever was an exaggerated punishment. So he decided that they would only lose them once a year in the fall.
After a few months, all the trees sprouted new leaves, except the one that had saved the butterflies. The tree full of sadness was surprised when they returned perching on their branches to make leaves. No one has ever seen such a beautiful tree. They did this for so long, that the butterflies became real leaves, and thus the Ginkgo was born.

The Ginkgo Biloba, a tree that has been on the earth since the beginning of time, in Japan is a symbol of longevity. In this showcase it represents the arrival of autumn to Grand Seiko, where more than 2000 leaves and butterflies cover its branches swaying in the wind in the light of the full moon.