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RABAT Celebration 2021/2022

Windows display design

Title:”The shining explosion of colors”
Client: RABAT
Years: 2021/22
Boutique: Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza
Production: Instore
Team: Cari Martínez Herrera – Alessia Capitani
Photo & Video: Lucas Amillano

Looking through gemstones
we are transported to a world of colored crystals …
A world that has inspired the design of the Rabat jewelry shop windows in Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza.

Creating an “explosion of color” was the challenge of this project. We imagined a gem exploding into a thousand pieces and captured that unique and ephemeral moment in each shop window.

The composition is based on the scientific color diagram, where the tones in the shop windows follow one another in gradient, according to the established chromatic order. As if it were a rainbow repeated in a loop

In the design, in addition to the evident play with color, triangular elements are used to recreate the fragments of the gem crystals, which with different shapes, sizes and positions give life to that “explosion of color”

The most impressive installation can be seen in Madrid on the corner of Calle Serrano and Calle Jorge Juan, where the explosion spreads from the entrance of the boutique, and catches the eye of all passerbys.

This year the windows of Rabat leaves behind the usual Christmas decorations and stands out as a unique colorful experience.