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Material: Fedrigoni paper (freelife vellum white 320 gm2 and golden star pergamino+K extra white 240 gm2)
Production: paper-cutting & watercolor
Exhibition: ACINQUE – un archivio d’immagini e parole per la Sicilia
Location: Oratorio di San Mercurio – Palermo
Curator: Giuseppe Mendolia Calella
Years: 2018
Photo: Graziana Saccente

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A visual poem to tell about the almond trees that flower every year in February, in the city of Agrigento, announcing the arrival of spring.
The delicacy of this flower and the ephemerality of its existence are a symbol of not only fragility but also of the rebirth and beauty of existence.
At the same time, this flower has become a call to multiculturalism,
to the integration and exaltation of friendship among peoples.
The flowering of the almond trees in the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento is in fact, for years, accompanied by the “International Festival of Folklore” that expertly mixes cultures and traditions of people from all over the world.
A real exaltation to life, the dance that brings us closer and reminds us that beyond our differences, we are all people.