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“THE SKIN OF SOCIAL CERAMIC”  is a project developed in Ceramic Futures  an online and offline design challenge between Glasgow School of Art (GSA), Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Rome, Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) and Abadir Academy.
The project Ceramic Futures explores future contexts for ceramics around the human body, new nature, work, food and combines online and offline activities where participants work together to produce design outcomes.
The project “THE SKIN OF SOCIAL CERAMIC” concerns the transformation of ceramic from an aseptic, cold material to one which is “human” and warm, like human skin.
In order to achieve this goal I designed a bowl in ceramic that has the texture of skin to imitate the intimate contact between person and material or, from a social point of view, between person and person. The human skin is an important point of contact with the external world and it sometimes has scars and another signs of the time or emotions (blushing or goose bumps).
Skin can also convey cultural diversity or social aspects of country through its color and tone. The story of the human body is thus transferred to the skin-like texture of a bowl. The idea of the project is not to apply various types of skin on ceramic surfaces, but aims to represent the tactile and visual emotions on objects.
Cersaie, the leading international exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishing values young talents as the next generation of leading thinkers and innovators. With this in mind, together with Elio Caccavale and Stefano Mirti have developed this project to challenge 4 groups of young design students to work together during June and July 2013.
The project seeks to explore and challenge the versatility of ceramic both as a creative and functional medium – a material that is universal and unique, sustainable and enduring, whilst also being both one of the oldest.
The students will be encouraged to develop design propositions that may encompass poetry, narrative, functionality, fiction, and have complexity and ambition, taking full consideration of the relative social and cultural contextual drivers.
Combining the traditional medium of design with a dedicated online project diary connected to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the participants will actively observe, comment, ask questions and interact.
Matteo Poli from the design magazine Abitare will work alongside the students and the team to document the project for media exposure.
The project is intended as a  “playful exercise” to encourage open debate, interaction and constructive competitionsamongst young design students from different schools. Since the schools are in different cities/countries, the interactions between students, tutors and professors will take place on the online diary and will be accessible to the public.
The online diary allows to map the most sociable, productive, popular, appreciated and charismatic students which will inform the evaluation process.
All students will have the opportunity to exhibit their projects during Cersaie 2013. Moreover, the most appreciated and sociable students from each school will be invited to attend and present their works at Cersaie 2013. The most productive and charismatic students  from each school will be awarded a 3 days trip to Italy to visit factories and expose the winning students to the industrial processes within leading Italian manufacturers.
Conference at CERSAIE_ International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings

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